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Lloyd Cutting:

lloydLloyd Cutting is a Master plasterer with over 45 years of experience in all aspects of the plastering and drywall trades. From his apprenticeship beginning on Vancouver Island working with his father; also a master plasterer who began his business in 1947, Lloyd literally learned the trade "at his father's knee".

Lloyd has also been involved in trade education over many years as well as working as a contractor on high end homes at Pelican Hill, Newport Beach California, West Vancouver, Vancouver West side, Whistler, and The Ocean Clubs in the Turks in Caicos Islands. Heritage and ornamental plasterwork is what Lloyd loves to do most, especially restoring historic lath and plaster interiors.

One of Lloyd's biggest concerns is the environmental impact of gutting older houses of their repairable plaster and lath interiors which when dry walled sends many tons of waste to the land fill. Lloyd has conducted workshops for the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

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John Anderson:

johnJohn Anderson AKA "The Window Guy" has been involved in Heritage conservation and restoration for over 35 years in Vancouver and adjoining cities. John has received Heritage awards in North Vancouver and Burnaby. From the purchase of his first 1908 house near Commercial Drive at the age of 23, John has been in the "trenches" of Heritage conservation. He is a passionate advocate for the retention, where practical, of historic building features such as windows, interior moulding and plaster.

As many homes in Vancouver area have reached or exceeded the century mark, it is imperative that these structures be retained in as much as possible in their original appearance. This applies particularly to the interior spaces which are the most at risk for destruction during a renovation. After all, John says "It is difficult to call a house Heritage if the interior comes from Home Depot". This does not mean that the mechanical systems should not be upgraded but rather the goal is retain as much as feasible of the original charm with modern upgrades.

Original components such as windows can be rebuilt so that they not only function properly but can be made more energy efficient. Windows are a big part of the “Look” of historic buildings. What started as voyage of discovery in learning how to restore heritage windows and interiors for his personal 5 heritage restoration projects John has been offering his knowledge and experience to the public since 2008. Otherwise he has been employed in the local motion picture industry for 29 years in film set construction specializing in cost management and the sourcing of hard to find materials as well as the actual building work, John's extensive knowledge and experience has encompassed building a replica Spanish galleon for the West Edmonton Mall to over 50 feature film and television projects. Our recent window and Heritage woodwork restoration work can be found in the gallery.

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